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General Introduction

DOMESCO Medical Import-Export Joint-Stock Corporation 

Abbreviated name: DOMESCO
English name: DOMESCO Medical Import-Export Joint-Stock Corporation 
Head office: 66 – Highway 30 – My Phu Ward – Cao Lanh City – Dong Thap Province – Vietnam
Tel: 84. 67 3852 278 – 3859 370      Fax: 84. 67 3851 270
Email: domesco@domesco.com; vpcty@domesco.com
Website: www.domesco.com; www.domesco.vn
Tax code: 1400460395 

DOMESCO specializes in manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting medicines, materials, chemicals, vaccines as well as biological products for humans, animals and plants.  

DOMESCO’s brand was born on May 19th, 1989. Through many years of development, DOMESCO has been establishing and firmly positioning in the domestic and international market in pharmaceuticals and supplement foods.  

Many products, including the various dosage forms such as capsules, softgels, tablets, film coated tablets, enteric film coated tablets, sugar coated tablets, effervescent tablets, sachets, effervescent powder, extended-release tablets, etc. have been invested, researched and developed by the Company from locally available sources of medicinal herbs, bringing to the consumers with the most safe and effective medicines. 

Many DOMESCO’s products have been certified by the Ministry of Health for bioequivalence compared to innovator products, and so can strongly be competitive for used as the alternative to imported products. That includes products for blood pressure, cardiovasculars, diabetes, etc…  

Currently, the distribution network of DOMESCO is expanded all over the country with 12 branches and more than 13,000 sales agents. The company has sales relations with almost all local pharmaceutical companies and 18 foreign pharmaceutical companies. Company has exported nearly 100 products to 25 markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America…  

Company has successfully applied an integrated management system ISO 9001, ISO IEC/17025, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001; production system complied with Good Manufacturing Practices as recommended by WHO (GMP-WHO) and business network obtained GDP-GPP standards. 

With the slogan “For quality of life”, DOMESCO always tries best in all activities to produce many quality, safe and effective medicines in order to bring community a healthy and happy life.

Company’s Management

The Board of Management and the Inspection Committee of DOMESCO Medical Import Export Joint-Stock Corporation:

* The Board of Management:

    1)  Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh                                   ---  Chairman

    2)  Ms. Luong Thi Huong Giang                         ---  Member - General Director

    3)  Mr. Sean Philip Shrimpton                             ---  Member

    4)  Mr.  Aamer Mahmud Malik                             ---  Member

    5)  Mr. Huynh Trung Chanh                                 ---  Member

    6)  Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa                                       ---  Member - Deputy General Director
    7)  Mr. Douglas Kuo                                               ---  Member

 * The Board of Director:

    1)  Ms. Luong Thi Huong Giang                         ---  General Director

    2)  Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa                                       ---  Deputy General Director

* The Inspection Committee:

    1)  Mr. Nguyen Phi Thuc                                       ---  Head of the Inspection Committee

    2)  Mr. Phan The Thanh                                       ---  Member

    3)  Ms. Servane Marie Amelie Gorgiard            ---  Member

    4)  Mr. Yap Khing Choy                                        ---  Member

    5)  Mr. Samuel Timothy Nance                           ---  Member


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