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To establish a Slogan “For quality of life” with international range, DOMESCO confirms the mission which have clear objective and visibility as well as correct action guideline in accordance with the trend of the world.
1. Mission

- To bring health to everyone by many effective means.

- The Poor and Middle class are still so much, therefore DOMESCO’s mission is to care them with high quality products but reasonable price.

To excecute these aboved matters, DOMESCO has built and maintained to carry out 2 principles and 6 basic guideline as following:

1.1. Principles

1.1.1 To make balance – transparency – harmonisation between the interests of the shareholders and workers within obeying the law.

1.1.2. To take the legal profit and increased Company’s value in a manner in which customer is the central foundation.

1.2. Guidelines

- Live and work law-abidingly.

- Efficiency is the only criterion to evaluate Company in which productivity and skill in work as the breakthrough arrow.

- Take production as the foundation of development in which export products is the guideline.

- Product quality is the decisive factor and constantly apply innovation, high-tech in order to increase knowledge content become more and more important as a mainstream.

- Transfer to advanced technological structure in all areas to create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

- Take DOMESCO brandname into the heart of all people is the motive power of success.

2. Objectives

- To be a leading distributor in Vietnam.

- To be a Company having strengths about pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy with domestic source.

- To be the pilot in biotechnology in which Nanotachnology is the key.

-To be a Company with comprehensive quality sytem and have successful application perfectly.

- To have a good HR of science and technology in which the key is post graduate staffs.

-To balance interests of workers, shareholders and social responsibility to the community.

3. Vision

- Intelligent and healthy children, old people have longevity that is desire of mankind. Therefore, Company will deeply focus on these two classes by producing nutritious products and specifics to serve them more better, more effectively.

- With the rich medicinal herb resource of our country, DOMESCO will develop and modernize technologies used for extracting and manufacturing herbal drugs.

- In the trend of global industrialization, currently era diseases are more and more developing, thus Company will also focus on identified disease groups as the breakthrough.

1. Six (06) breakthroughs

1.1. Improve business administration capacity to perfect legislation, outperform the financial- auditing regulations and risk crisis prevention in the context of the world economic recession.

1.2. Make breakthrough on prompt development of high quality human resources.

1.3. Focus on developing 03 core technologies namely Biotechnology, automatic Technology and IT in which Biotechnology is the key.

1.4. Select pharmacognosy as an attack arrow to release medicines for age diseases in a safe and effective manner.

1.5. Occupy domestic market – export development as a guideline.

1.6. Apply general productivity and waste elimination which are 2 core factors for sustainable development.

2. Twelve (12) key orientations

2.1. To take relative advantage as the action motto, mobilize all resources to stabilize key products and effectively develop competitive advantages in the marketplace.

2.2. Promptly develop domestic distribution network focusing on rural market and expand non-bed channel; to reallocate locality of Branches which one serves for 8-10 million of people.

2.3. To develop effectively consumption between rural and urban areas, channels and market segments with variety of products for the purpose of “Where there is a need, there is a medicine produced and distributed by DOMESCO”.

2.4. Synchronously develop service operations including processing production, undertaking processing, brand franchise, technology, goods transportation and storage.

2.5. To strengthen PR and IR to render dedicated care service for close customers and win the hearts of Investors thanks to increasingly high quality and performance.

2.6. To develop and apply advanced technology for production including pharmacology, pharmacodynamics and dosage form with the lowest price to increase competitiveness in both Vietnam and overseas.

2.7. To expand cultivating, processing and extracting medicinal herbs in a modern, effective and qualified manner.

2.8. To develop science and technology in parallel with fundamental resource development and talent improvement which are inherently the two integral key factors.
2.9. To concentrate on improving human resource quality, taking creativeness and overall output as the target.

2.10. To build leadership at all levels to be a good, intellectual, diligent and stuff example in terms of both profession and politics.

2.11. to perfect environment quality and waste treatment which are closely attached with all operations of the enterprise.

2.12. To develop corporate culture and social responsibility corresponding to the Company’s economic development status.

3. Nine (09) solutions

3.1. To concentrate on promptly and effectively recovering failures and weaknesses in all operations launched by the Company due to subjective causes; To be determined to fight against all management relaxation phenomena at all levels.

3.2. To launch comprehensive re-structure projects in main fields such as investment, capital allocation, product strategy, distribution circulation to improve quality where intellectual is respected to successfully implement and enhance competitiveness with long-term vision and specific roadmap.

3.3. To be persistent to launch 2 basic strategies namely comprehensive cost-effective strategy and differentiation by creative and special products, protect it against all risks of intellectual property infringement.

3.4. To focus on conducting 6 breakthroughs and 12 orientations as mentioned above relating to Production and Business Development in new period.

3.5. To renovate training criteria and objectives, improve HR quality; concern about the Enterprise’s leadership, management and administration officials, science and technology, fine art and culture where education quality is the key, especially post-graduate staffs.

3.6. To obey the motto “Legislative safety today is the prosperity tomorrow”, create a significant changes in awareness and consider “Live and work law-abidingly” as our motto and action.

3.7. To conduct comprehensive and integrated quality management in all operations of Company where environmental quality is the main focus.

3.8. To develop corporate business with culture and conduct transparency and advancement in Company, take care about occupational health and safety to improve income and social welfare for the Company’s employees; to concentrate on properly settling arisen dissatisfaction matters.

3.9. To engage in community and social responsibility is Company’s duty, mainly focusing on 2 key fields namely Study Encouragement and the Poor.

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