About Us
General Introduction General Introduction
Abbreviated name: DOMESCO
English name: DOMESCO Medical Import-Export Joint-Stock Corporation                                     
Head office: 66 – Highway 30 – My Phu Ward – Cao Lanh City – Dong Thap Province – Vietnam
Tel: 84. 67 3852 278 – 3859 370      Fax: 84. 67 3851 270
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Company's Orientation Company's Orientation
To establish a Slogan “For quality of life” with international range, DOMESCO confirms the mission which have clear objective and visibility as well as correct action guideline in accordance with the trend of the world.
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Core Values Core Values
DESIRE: DOMESCO – One of the leading trademarks in the region and all over the world.
VISION: Become a prestigious, strong group in the region and all over the world in providing quality products to community.
MISSION: Take care of and raise community's quality of life.
CULTURAL CHARACTER: Unite, share and develop with community.
SLOGAN: DOMESCO – for quality of life!
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Integrated Quality Management System Integrated Quality Management System
DOMESCO Medical Import-Export JSC specializes in manufacturing, trading pharmaceutical products, supplement foods and bottled water, ... to serve people’s health. All Company staves are jointly creative in meeting the needs of the customers, improving efficiency of energy use, minimizing impacts on environment, occupational safety and health.

Company has set up the policy: “High quality – high effectiveness is DOMESCO’s goal”; this policy set up by General Director, which means « Quality - Effectiveness must come first ».  All DOMESCO’s staves must fulfil their tasks as well as be incessantly creative in the following activities:
Improving management so as to  increase productivity – quality and competitiveness
                                             Improving product’s quality through the development of creative advanced
                                                technology along with knowledge intensive difference to be advantages. 
                                             Effective use of energy – minimize factors that may cause disadvantages for
                                                environment, occupational safety and health, welfare for labour and community.
                                             Comprehensive costs reduction in all activities through consciousness, practical
                                                actions in each work including purchase of materials, goods, equipments,
                                                efficient use of resources, environmental protection.
                                             ● Giving prominence of DOMESCO trademark value through specific cultural
                                                identity under the frame work of law and business ethics.
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